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∼ Latest news

March 26, 2002
After several month, this website has finally been updated! The latest version of DMJava is now available for download here.

For further informations on patching and updating your materials, please refer to the original website of the creator of DMJ, in the section NEW.

∼ Oldest news

March 7, 2001
The second patch is already out. Go to the downloads page to get it.

March 5, 2001
The first patch is out. Go to the downloads page to get it.

March 1, 2001
The game is now mirrored at omera.free.fr/DMJava/dmj.zip Thank you OMERA!
Also, I've broken up the download into 4 smaller pieces, each around 3MB. That won't be as painful if there is an error.

February 27, 2001
It's done. Go Download It.
Documentation for the editor is coming soon.

July 19, 2000
I'm sorry that I haven't updated these pages in such a long time. I thought it would be a good idea to put something here letting everyone know that I'm still alive. Don't worry, I'm still working on the game. I've fixed many bugs and improved many things. There is still more work to be done, but nothing major. As far as a release date, I'm not promising anything. I'll release it when it's done.

March 21, 2000
The biggest news is that I now have the story mostly worked out (a few details remain). As soon as I'm satisfied that there won't be any more major changes, I can start designing the dungeon. I expect to be doing that very soon now. I've also made many small improvements to various things, and I've added some new spells that DM and CSB never had (some are quite nasty). After all, I think there should be some spells that you don't already know how to cast...

March 3, 2000
There is so much new to talk about:
· I now have sound and music. I got tired of waiting for the final version of jdk 1.3, so I just downloaded the release candidate. It works great. I can even control the gain and pan of the sound effects to simulate location.
· Projectiles (spells and thrown items) now travel down the sides of the screen, as in DM and CSB. This looks much better, and makes more sense. I should have done it this way from the start.
· Monsters are no longer limited to one per square. As in DM, they can move about within the squares. Unlike DM, they are not limited to predefined groups of the same type. Basically, they all move independantly, sometimes occupying the same square as other mons, and sometimes not. Look at some of the screen shots to see what I mean. Oh, and I also created a better scorpion pic and a new goblin creature.

January 30, 2000
· Monsters and Items positioned well
· Created some new item pictures (Check out the Vorpal Blade in the pictures section)
· Monsters now randomly mirrored (as in DM, it makes them seem more alive)
· Various other small improvements and bug fixes

January 14, 2000
· The Editor is done. (I do plan on making some interface improvements to it still.)
· Many more keyhole pics done.
· Fire-Elemental generator pics done.
· Some more champion portraits done. (If you have any custom portraits, feel free to send them to me.)

December 6, 1999
· Edtior nearly completed!
· Full GUI making it very easy to use
· Nice zoom feature
· See some screen shots in the pictures section
· Are you getting excited yet? I am.
· I also did a few more keyhole pics before I started the editor, but i'll get back to that kind of thing after it's done. jdk 1.3 final is apparently going to be a while...

November 3, 1999

· Completely redid combat and other algorithms
· Gamewin square - step on it and you win the game
· Useful for the eventual level editor
· Supports multiple endings with ease
· Most of the item graphics completed
· Many more monster graphics completed
· Some preliminary story development
· I've changed the way I'm doing the monsters. Instead of creating them all from scratch, I'm taking some of the original DM and CSB monsters and touching them up. So far it is working well. This makes for less originality, but it saves a lot of time and work (though getting the 16 color, low-res pics to look good in a true color, hi-res environment isn't very easy).
· Still waiting for the jdk 1.3 final...

October 4, 1999
· Monster generators (switched and timed)
· Pits
· Saving and Loading
· Main character creation screen
· Some more graphics
· Still waiting for the jdk 1.3 final...

September 1, 1999
· Delayed and resetting switches
· Many more item pictures completed
· Poison Cloud picture and animation
· Teleport pictures and animation
· More monster pictures · I also noticed that Sun's Java page has a beta of the 1.3 JDK. It includes the Java Sound API, which means sound support should not be that far away... I've been capturing sound from the original games in anticipation.
· Unfortunately for this project, my classes have started and I may not have as much time to work on it as I would like. I feel the finished game getting closer, but sometimes it still seems like there is an endless amount still to go. (It also gets a bit tedious at times… e-mails of encouragement would be much appreciated.)

August 1, 1999
· This web site
· Continuous projectile launchers (keep firing at set rate until shut off)
· Blinking teleports